"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."
Haruki Murakami

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Welcome to WordStorm

Hello. I'm Nigel Fletcher, an English writer based in Birmingham, UK. On this site is a selection of the literary stuff I've produced over the years - short stories, a novel and poems - all from off the beaten track. And all of it free to read in a range of apps and devices, including KIndle. You can also buy the novel and poems as paperbacks if you prefer. Hope you enjoy.

Free to Read

If you like writing that challenges your expectations, select any of the books below to find out more and choose from a free Kindle compatible MOBI file, ePub or PDF file. The novel and poems can also be bought online as paperbacks.

The Witching Year

This is a novel set in the 1990s concerning suburban witches, fat shaming and chaos theory.

Download or Buy

The Weather in Japanese

24 poems in a singular verse form - like a cross between haiku and modernism.

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Sick Futures

These short stories are mostly based in imagined worlds, often with a science-fiction angle.


About me

For forty years, I earned my living as an advertising copywriter - creating press ads, TV and radio commercials, websites, and the like. Initially for advertising agencies, but then later as a freelancer.

In between times I also indulged a passion for literary writing. Ever since I was a kid, I've enjoyed thinking up stories and entertaining through words.

As a teenager I won the Chatterton national poetry prize, and after completing a degree in English Literature at Cambridge University, was one of the early students on the M.A. in Creative Writing course at UEA run by Malcolm Bradbury and Angus Wilson.

Some of the short stories on this site have been published in magazines, but most of it is very much fresh and looking for an audience. So, if you've got this far, maybe there's something here for you.

Also please feel free to email me at about anything at all.

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